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Kids on the Catwalk helping PTA’S

“Thank you for coming to Larkrise Primary School. A fantastic evening had by all. The parents loved it, the children loved doing it! Everyone had such a great time, they were begging us to do it again, so we have already booked another date for next year!! The staff were brilliant, very professional, friendly and put the kids at ease.”

Stage 1 – Reserve a date for your children’s fashion show
(one date per school can be held provisionally)

Stage 2 – Confirm your date by phone or email.
You will now be sent a booking form. From this you will be able to select from various options e.g. time of show, number of models. You will be asked to pay a small booking fee (the amount will depend on your location) There is no charge for the show.

Stage 3 – On receipt of your booking form we will send you a comprehensive pack which has everything you need for your show. (We are often told how good our paperwork is!) It includes a parental slip for models and poster for the show.

Stage 4 – Select your models and find us about 6 helpers for the evening. Read through the “check list” and let us know the final model numbers.


Everything else is done on the day of the show!

“We were so impressed with you! You were efficient, so quick and absolutely lovely with the children. They were positively eating out of your hands! I can’t remember ever having a PTA event where we’ve all been done and dusted and out of the door by 8.30pm.”

At Kids on the Catwalk, we take health and safety very seriously, so please check that any equipment and space being used for the show is clean and safe.
(Staging, refreshments area, changing rooms etc)

Commission rates are paid according to sales made on the day, and as long as you reach a minimum amount you will get commission on all but the first £50 of sales.  Most schools fall into the 12% commission rate. The commission scale will be included in your information pack. Request one by emailing us using our contact form.

The clothes. We are always striving to offer good quality with reasonable prices. Our suppliers supply many of the main stores, and the clothes go through many tests before we sell them. We always have some clearance lines available as well as current trends. Please be reassured that it is our policy to select and dress your children in styles that that are age appropriate.

Refunds. We have a “no quibble” returns policy. Customers can return any unwanted garment for refund or exchange within 30 days. Any faulty garment will be refunded along with postage paid

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